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Resilience Health

Empowering Solutions and Building Trust

I started Resilience Health and Safety simply because I wanted to work for a company that understood the power of its own people and who would create impactful solutions when empowered and resourced well. I didn't like delivering "off the shelf" programs and I wasn't prepared to work for a company that would burn out employees for the bottom line. 


What makes me most proud of our journey is the organic growth we've experienced, the trust we've built as a dependable advisor, and the fact that all our business comes through the heartfelt recommendations of those who have experienced our work. Most importantly, we practice what we preach and our people are our greatest asset.

Founder, Nic Sullivan

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Empowering Workplace Transformation

Our Commitment to Positive Change


Improve team culture through accountability and psychological safety


Improve Psychological Safety within teams


Reduce bystander behaviour


Improve inclusion and safety for diverse teams


Increase respectful behaviour in teams


Open up facilitated conversations in the group about complex challenges such as discrimination, sexual harassment, diversity challenges, etc, in a safe, respectful and planned way, assisting the organisation to increase psychological safety.

Meet our People, People

Get to know our diverse team of consultants and facilitators at Resilience Health and Safety, who are committed to guiding you and your team through times of change.


Ready to work together?

Let's chat! We'd love to learn more about you over a quick call or if you work in the area, let's grab a coffee.

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