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Jacqui Britton

Facilitator | Strengths Coach

Jacqui is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and PROSCI® Change Management Practitioner, specialising in utilising a strengths-based approach to enhance employee engagement, individual and team performance and developing change leadership.

Adept at leading workshops and facilitating productive discussions, Jacqui keeps a keen focus on outcomes and encourages collaboration on innovative ideas and solutions.

Jacqui is driven by a passion for achieving results through genuine connection, collaboration, and engagement. Her strengths-based approach to coaching and supporting employees creates a work culture that is not only supportive and engaging but also high-performing.

Combined with her experience in project and change management, Jacqui is also a qualified safety professional with over 8 years of experience as a WHS advisor in the emergency services sector.

Her coaching and support strategies aim at meeting employees' unique needs, utilising strengths, and driving positive change within the organisation.

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